Best Fishing Near Parry Sound

Parry Sound is a great place for fishing and is a quick drive from many rivers and lakes teeming with fish. Stop in at any gas station or corner grocery, and you'll find the locals friendly and happy to share their favorite fishing spots. Parry Sound has lakes and rivers off the beaten path to satisfy the serious angler, as well as several municipal and provincial parks for a relaxed family fishing outing.

Fishing Lakes and Rivers Near Parry Sound

Where to fish near Parry Sound

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Guide to Fishing at Devil's Backbone in Boonsboro, Maryland

Devil's Backbone Park offers excellent fly-fishing water.Devil's Backbone Park lies alongside Antietam Creek, a meandering stream best known for the Civil War battle that took place on its banks in 1862. Today, the roar of cannons and gunfire are long gone, replaced by the soft trickling of water and the c...

Where to Fish on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

Ocracoke Island offers miles of open beach for surf fishing.Nestled between the vast Atlantic Ocean and the sheltered waters of Pamlico Sound, Ocracoke Island is a prime fishing spot in North Carolina's Outer Banks. The island is part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, a remote string of barrier islands...

Pine River Fishing in Saint Clair, Michigan

The Pine and St. Clair Rivers offer excellent walleye fishing.The Pine River that flows through St. Clair County is one of several streams by the same name in Michigan, which can cause confusion to anglers looking for a place to cast a line. This particular Pine River is a fertile, slow-moving stream with abund...

Information on Fishing on Hammertown Lake in Jackson, Ohio

Largemouth bass are among the most sought-after game fish at Hammertown Lake.The crystal-clear waters of Hammertown Lake -- also known as Jackson City Reservoir -- harbor an abundance of game fish, making it one of the prime fishing spots in the Jackson area. This 157-acre man-made lake is stocked regularly by the Ohio Depart...

Bass Fishing Spots at Clarks Hill, Georgia

Georgia's largest lake sprawls across the South Carolina border like a giant hand, its many bays and coves providing some of the best bass fishing in either state. Clarks Hill Lake -- also known as Strom Thurmond Reservoir -- encompasses approximatel...

Freshwater Fishing in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Lake Lanier's vast waters are less than 30 minutes from Lawrenceville.For anglers in pursuit of freshwater game fish like bass, bream and catfish, Lawrenceville presents a diverse assortment of options, from vast reservoirs to tiny local fishing holes. The Lawrenceville area is home to one of the most well-known fishin...

The Best Fishing Places in Carbon County, Pennsylvania

Carbon County is home to several productive trout streams.Carbon County is nestled among the ridges and valleys of the Appalachian Mountains, a rugged setting that makes the county prime territory for outdoor recreation, from paddling on the Lehigh River to backpacking on the Appalachian Trail. Carbon Count...

Fishing Near El Paso, TX

Great fishing opportunities are rare in West Texas, where many rivers and streams are dry throughout large portions of the year and you could drive for hundreds of miles without seeing a lake. In the El Paso area, however, anglers in search of fish c...

Fishing Lakes Near Honey Brook, Pennsylvania

If you're looking for a place to fish near Honey Brook, you don't have to look far. This small Pennsylvania borough is surrounded by productive fishing lakes where anglers can toss a fly for hefty rainbow trout or take a shot at catching the elusive...

How to Make a Dip Bait With Flower & Water

Making a dip bait with flower and water is something that you also do with additives like cheeses. Make a dip bait with flower and water with help from a bass fishing guide in this free video clip.

How to Mix Oats for Carp Bait

Mixing oats for carp bait is something that you can do with oatmeal, cornmeal and other things. Mix oats for carp bait with help from a bass fishing guide in this free video clip.

Homemade Soft Plastic Worm Bait & Fishing Lures

Homemade soft plastic worm bait is a great thing to customize with elements like nail polish. Learn about homemade soft plastic worm bait and fishing with help from a bass fishing guide in this free video clip.