Best Fishing Near Guelph

Guelph is a great place for fishing and is a quick drive from many rivers and lakes teeming with fish. Stop in at any gas station or corner grocery, and you'll find the locals friendly and happy to share their favorite fishing spots. Guelph has lakes and rivers off the beaten path to satisfy the serious angler, as well as several municipal and provincial parks for a relaxed family fishing outing.

Fishing Lakes and Rivers Near Guelph

Where to fish near Guelph

Vancouver Island Salmon & Halibut Report

Our late summer fishing is...well just awesome right now. How does 50 salmon in a 6 hour trip sound? Its true!! There are so many Coho (silver) salmon

Secrets of setting the hook with a fly rod

FLy-FIshing-2-HorizontalSo you?ve got the hang of casting, studied fly patterns and learned how to read the water and present your fly. Finally, it all comes together when the fish strikes your offering. But then?nothing. Why? Because you never learned how to properly set the hook. The hookset is arguably the most ignored skill when it […]

Do you need a shallow water anchor?

MK-Talon-Inset-5If you do a lot of fishing in water less than 12 feet deep, you should consider a relatively new piece of gear to hit the angling scene: the shallow-water anchor, a rigid post that extends down into the river or lake bottom to hold your boat fast in place. Why it’s useful Simple to […]

How to target hard-fighting shad

Shad salmonFrom his headquarters at Mountain Maple Lodge on the slopes of the Annapolis Valley?s South Mountain, Nova Scotia Master Guide Perry Munro has been showing anglers how to fish for American shad for decades. ?I got into shad fishing as a way to teach novice sports how to hook and play a fish before graduating […]

The wet-fly swing: a simple and classic fly fishing technique

Flyfishing-featureFive hours into my very first fly-fishing trip, I was fishless and frustrated. I?d spent the previous winter tying flies with my school club and reading all I could on fly fishing. But the real-life river was nothing like in the books, and I had no idea where or what to cast. I was close […]

Fishing at Lake Capri in Columbia, Missouri

Columbia is minutes away from the Missouri River.The Neighborhood of Lake Capri is minutes away from some of the best fishing in Columbia, Missouri, ranging in scope from tiny local ponds to the rolling waters of the Missouri River. Anglers with a valid Missouri fishing license can catch bass, trou...

The Best Fishing Spots on Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe has produced largemouth bass up to 15 pounds.Spanning more than 20,000 acres, Lake Conroe is one of the best largemouth bass lakes in Texas, but the fishing at this man-made reservoir doesn't end with bass. Catfish, bluegill and crappie are all abundant at Lake Conroe, and hundreds of prime fis...

Salmon Fishing in Grays Harbor County, Washington

Chinook Salmon invade the rivers of Grays Harbor County every year to spawn.Perched on the Pacific Coast, Grays Harbor County provides a lot of options for anglers, ranging from deep-sea fishing to casting into quiet mountain lakes. If salmon are your quarry, Grays Harbor and the rivers that feed it are your best bets. Sever...

Walleye Fishing in the Columbia River

The Columbia River is one of the Northwest's best walleye waters.The walleye is not native to Washington, but this feisty game fish has come to thrive in the state's waters since it was first found in Banks Lake in the 1960s. Banks Lake is a part of the Columbia River System, and the river has become one of the to...

Bass Fishing in Mazatlan, Mexico

Lake El Salto may be the best bass fishing lake in Mexico.If there's such a thing as a perfect bass lake, it probably looks a lot like Lake El Salto. Fertile waters, abundant forage and a warm climate have conspired to make this 27,000-acre reservoir one of the best bass lakes in Mexico, or anywhere for tha...

Guide to Fishing at Devil's Backbone in Boonsboro, Maryland

Devil's Backbone Park offers excellent fly-fishing water.Devil's Backbone Park lies alongside Antietam Creek, a meandering stream best known for the Civil War battle that took place on its banks in 1862. Today, the roar of cannons and gunfire are long gone, replaced by the soft trickling of water and the c...

Where to Fish on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

Ocracoke Island offers miles of open beach for surf fishing.Nestled between the vast Atlantic Ocean and the sheltered waters of Pamlico Sound, Ocracoke Island is a prime fishing spot in North Carolina's Outer Banks. The island is part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, a remote string of barrier islands...